About Saby’s Deli

Welcome to the world of delicious gourmet nosh personally prepared by yours truly; Chef Saby himself! Would you like to travel the world with usby being right where you are!?

Saby’s Deli from the house of Fabrica by Chef Saby is here to satiate you with gluttony at the comfort of your home.

From Saby’s Deli-to-your-door’; we deliver to you the sheer taste and comfort of meticulously and lovingly prepared European cuisine.

Through the tastes, detailing and ingredients of our exclusive recipes! We’re sending some Mediterranean belt culinary-travel bliss to you, with exclusive dishes that are oven cooked with least oil and are exuding proteins, nutrition and flavours.

Every small ingredient from handpicked herbs and spices; to the most premium fresh fruits and the vacuum-packed poultry all the way from The States and the Scandinavian countries; is meticulously crafted into the creations of our hot kitchen & patisserie with precision and attention to detail.

Bon Appétit!

Chef Saby | Saby’s Deli Crew

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*Duck and Turkey dishes are available on special request.

Maison feste

Are you someone who swears by Chef Saby’s cooking, warmth, and his ever-welcoming hospitality that makes you feel at home?! Do you remember relishing culinary creations by our dapper dean Chef Sabyasachi Gorai across occasions and cuisines be it European, Regional Indian, Armenian, or fusion Asian?!

Would you like to savour and indulge in a gourmet experience curated, cooked and delivered exclusively by Chef Saby himself; at the comfort of your homes or location? (Well, not just any other pop-up, but…)

We introduce you to ‘Maison Feste by Saby’; a boutique concept where our headman himself, Chef Saby would be glad to create a planned meal at your abode or space as an exquisite soiree, matinee or morning meal.; based on your preferences and his expertise.

 For ‘Maison Feste by Saby’ queries, feel free to dm us, or connect on 09910731957 / 09810407188/ 09810400768 or email at
hola@sabysdeli.com / saby@chefsaby.com.

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